Current post: Selling AEMC 8335 – We Buy New Used 8335 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

Selling AEMC 8335 – We Buy New Used 8335 (‘s) Top Dollar Paid!

If you’re looking to Sell AEMC 8335 PowerPad 3 Phase Power Quality Analyzer

AEMC 8335 Power Pad

The PowerPad® Model 8335 is a three-phase power quality analyzer that is easy-to-use, compact and shock-resistant. It is intended for technicians and engineers to measure and carry out diagnostic work and power quality work on one, two or three phase low voltage networks.

The PowerPad®’s 2GB of memory is conveniently partitioned to let you store four different types of data, synchronized or independent of each other. You can store up to 50 screen snapshots, up to 300 captured transients that contain four cycles for each active input, and 10000 alarm events from up to 40 different parameters. You can also record trend data for days, weeks or even months.

Six direct access function buttons quickly let you see:

Waveforms – Display Volts, Amps, THD and Crest Factor by phase or for all phases. You can display all the voltage inputs on one screen, phase-to-phase or phase-to-neutral. Realtime phasor diagrams can be displayed for volts and amps, also by phase or for all phases including phase unbalance.
Harmonics – Display Harmonics out to the 50th for Volts, Amps and VA. Individual Harmonics
are displayed as a percentage and value for Volts, Amps and VA. Harmonic direction and
sequencing can also be displayed.
Transients – Set, capture and display transients. You select the threshold and the number of transients to capture. The PowerPad® then captures four waveforms for each transient; the triggering waveform as well as one pre-triggered and two post-triggered waveforms. As many as 300 transients each consisting of 4 waveforms per channel for up to 8 channels can be captured.
Trend Recording – Record and display trend data at user selectable sample rates from 1/sec to 1/15 minutes and user programmable recording periods into 2GB of memory.

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